Prema Yoga Logo-2

Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Seva Trust)t


Prema Yoga Logo-2

Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Seva Trust)



Rafi Bedikyan

Chairman of Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Service Trust)

Partner and Member of the Managing Board of Asakaynak ve Metal Alaşımları Industry


Taya A Kahraman

Deputy Chairman of Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Service Trust)



Yasemin Kahraman Bjelland

Trustee of Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Service Trust)



Osman Çelik Uluöz

Trustee and Lawyer of Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Service Trust)

Chairman and Lawyer of the Uluç and Uluöz Law Firm

Süleyman Dinç-min

Süleyman Dinç

Trustee and Consultant of Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Service Trust)

Chairman of Ayşegül Duman Consultancy


  • Prema Yoga Centre for Human Development (Phase 1) has been inaugurated in Istanbul in July 2019. Thereafter, the construction of the Amphitheatre began and currently is under construction. The plans for a paediatric cardiac hospital are being drawn and finalized
  • 126 families in the districts of Ömerli, Pendik, Şişli and Uskumruköy, Istanbul, are being attended to, on a monthly basis once a week. Around 2,979 meals are distributed every month. In several districts of Istanbul, few volunteers are distributing close to 60 meals on an individual basis.
  • The Trust also supports marginalised individuals and families with their medical bills and other utility bills, which also includes house rents for two such families
  • During freezing winters, charcoal and firewood are provided to the underprivileged individuals in the districts of Şişli and Pendik
  • Based on the need, clothes, shoes, books, etc., are also provided
  • Animal care is one of the unique features of the Trust. Dogs, cats, birds, horses and any animal in need is provided with food, water, medicines and even veterinary care
  • Sai Clinic, which is an Alternate Healing Centre has also been established
  • ‘Growing to be God’ sessions are conducted through online platforms, every Sunday of the week
  • Volunteers translate and publish spiritual literature in Turkish language


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