Casa Del Divino, Assisi



Ampelio Veleda

Founder and President of Foundation Casa Del Divino – ONLUS
Business man

Marilena Danese

Founder and Advisor of Foundation Casa Del Divino – ONLUS
Homemaker and Philanthropist
Silvia Veleda-min

Silvia Veleda

Founder and Advisor of Foundation Casa Del Divino – ONLUS
Maria Buffa-min

Maria Buffa

Vice-President of Foundation Casa Del Divino – ONLUS


Projects of Casa Del Divino

  • Regular study circles for Youth on issues related to human development, morality, spirituality and education on human values are conducted at Casa Del Divino Centre for Human Development in Assisi
  • Meals for the homeless and destitute are prepared at ‘Grace Kitchen’ once a week in Rome and so far over 3,000 meals have been served
  • Food is distributed to the needy families at Padua

Projects at Rome

  • Programme ‘Ispirazione’ (Inspiration), in Italian language, is hosted in the webradio ‘Sanathana Vani’ (The Voice Eternal – on a weekly basis. In this programme, book reviews; contemporary youth and their problems; spiritual luminaries and human values are discussed. Interviews with people who have dedicated their lives for selfless service are also aired
  • Weekly study groups are held with teachers or trainers who work with children. Online webinar study groups on ‘Guru Vikas’ – Teachers Training are also undertaken for around 65 teachers who are regular participants
  • A project on Music Therapy ‘Semi di Grazia Musicale’ (Seeds of Musical Grace – SMG) aims at supporting people with disabilities twice a week
  • ‘Values Based Education for the Development of the Child – Growing to be God’ programme is operating in the cities of Rome, Turin, Urbino, Pescara, Imperia, Catania and Milan. Moral lessons based on storytelling, play and arts, drawing, theatre, etc. for the right mental, intellectual and civic development of the child are conducted once or twice a month
  • Visits/trips are coordinated with ‘Alchimia Association’, in which the volunteers organise cultural and recreational activities for disabled children. These children are taken on fun trips to museums, parks, picnics and theatres once a month
  • Mano Sapiens Group (Group of visually impaired artists) take responsibility for training teaching staff on arts subjects in the schools for visually impaired children, once a month
  • Eco-Trekking Group ‘The Steps of Love’ are trips into nature and cleaning up of the environment
  • Geo-Awareness Programmes are held to create awareness about the protection of Mother Earth


Projects at Turin

  • Conducts regular study circles for youth on issues related to human development, morality, spirituality, and education on human values (Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love, Non-violence, Justice, Harmony).
  • Serving food to the poor in collaboration with a voluntary association

Project at Siena

  • Serving breakfast and lunch to the poor in collaboration with a voluntary association on a weekly basis

Independent Cultural Association at Padua

  • ‘Sai Prema Publication’ is a Publishing House that translates and disseminates publications that provide moral and spiritual guidance for human excellence and development, synchronous with the teachings of Baba
Italy IMG-20180220-WA0019
Italy IMG-20180220-WA0020

In collaboration with the Association of Social Promotion ‘Esaudire’

  • Osteopathic treatments and coaching (motivational support) are provided to the homeless and destitute, completely Free of Cost twice a month
  • Beni Primari Immateriali (Primary Intangible Assets) – This is a project that provides to satisfy the self-actualisation needs of the destitute by encouraging art and beauty and strives to make each one of them feel valuable and worthy
  • Accompagnarsi (Accompaniment) is a project that provides opportunities for service by accompanying people in need (homeless or elderly) to carry out bureaucratic procedures, medical examinations, etc