Μοιράζομαι (Sharing with Others Foundation)

Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam Educational Campus for girls at Gadag district (Karnataka, India)


  • 200 food packets are distributed to the homeless every week. Approximately 800 meals are served every month
  • Boxes of love – Food supplies, personal hygiene products, and household cleaning items are distributed to around 140 families on a monthly basis
  • ‘Growing to be God’ programme to nurture the innate moral values in children, is conducted regularly
  • Guru Vikas Programme (Teachers Training) and translation of the Guru Vikas books are done
  • Support extended to Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam Educational Campus for girls at Gadag district (Karnataka, India) run by the Prashanthi Balamandira Trust at Chikkaballapur district (Karnataka, India)
  • Support extended to several local Greek Foundations that shelter abandoned, destitute and disabled children by providing them with clothes, food, etc.
  • Translating and publishing books on Sai Baba


Food distribution1-min
Food distribution5-min


  • Laptops, desktops, desks, benches, other classroom equipment and learning material were provided to schools and institutions for children – The Children’s Home of Piraeus and the Support Center for Family and Children
  • Youth from marginalised backgrounds were extended assistance for paying their university tuition fees
  • Members of the Foundation have been regularly assisting the children of the ‘Support Center for Families and Children’ by tutoring them in specific subjects,particularly in Mathematics and Science
  • Members of the Foundation support the education of the rural marginalised students of India through ‘Each One Educate One’, ‘Each One Embrace One’ and ‘Each One Higher Educate One’ programmes
  • The Foundation has donated laptops, desktops, desks, chairs, and other classroom equipment along with essential learning material to various educational institutions, children’s homes and support centres
  • The youth, individuals with autism, and children hailing from financially poor backgrounds have been provided with necessary aid for continuing their education


  • The Foundation covered the expenses of a child who had to undergo brain surgery and his family was undergoing a massive financial crisis
  • Several wheelchairs were provided to physically challenged homeless individuals
  • Hundreds of disinfectant gels and masks have been distributed to several schools and municipalities, to spread COVID hygiene
  • Two brand-new incubators for babies were gifted to one of the largest children’s hospitals in Athens
  • The Foundation has often donated large quantities of antibiotics, paracetamol, and other medicine to the Greek Humanitarian NGO – ‘Heart Doctors’
  • Hundreds of disinfectant gels and masks have been distributed to schools and municipalities, to support them during the COVID pandemic
  • Brand-new toys, Easter bunnies and Easter candles were donated to approximately 80 children at the ‘Elpida’ – an innovative NGO for refugees and vulnerable groups
  • Volunteers decorate Children’s Oncology Unit with candles, which bring a great smile on the young faces


    • As part of the ‘Feed the World’ initiative, the Μοιράζομαι (Sharing with Others Foundation) has served more than 570,000 meals to needy individuals and families.
    • The Foundation and its noble, dedicated members carried out multiple service activities and helped thousands of lives through various initiatives, every single day. Following is the exhaustive list of activities and beneficiaries who received and continue to receive aid, on a regular basis, from the Foundation in the form of cooked meals, packaged food items, dairy products, sanitary items, clothes, shoes, Christmas and Easter cookies, sweets and gifts, furniture, electrical appliances, paying utility bills, etc. during the last four years.
    • Children’s Homes and Orphanages
      • Ark of the World
      • Association for the Protection of Minors of Piraeus (EPA – The Good Shepherd)
      • Support Center for Children and Family
      • St Andrew Children’s Home
      • Christian Girls’ Home ‘St Anna’
      • Kallithea Nursery Home
    • Homes for People with Disabilities
      • Parents Association of Individuals with Intellectual Disability (E.G.N.Y.A.)
      • Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs ‘ARGO’
      • ‘The Good Samaritan’ – Association for Children with Brain Disabilities
      • Hospice for neuro-disability
    • Elderly Homes, Nursing Homes
      • Athens Elderly Home and Poorhouse
      • Palea Fokea Nursing Home – ‘Estia Konstantinoupoliton’
    • Social Kitchens, Municipal Social Groceries and Foodbanks, and Church Breadlines
      • ‘The Other Human’ Social Kitchen (‘O Allos Anthropos’)
      • Municipality of Elliniko-Argyroupoli
      • Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni
      • Municipality of Karditsa
      • St Panteleimon Church, Alimos
      • St Theodori Church, Anavyssos
      • Zoodohos Pigi Church, Alimos
      • Isodia Theotokou Church, Vari
    • Providing assistance to families in need and homeless individuals in collaboration with a group of specialised social workers
      • 80 under-privileged families in the Anavyssos area
      • 100 homeless people in Piraeus harbour
      • 20 families of poor school children in the Grava area
    • To municipalities that have been stricken with natural calamities.
      • Municipality of Karditsa during heavy floods in September 2021
      • St Anna village, N Evia when a forest fire engulfed the entire terrain in October 2021
      • Several families with children in Iliea when heavy floods caused humungous destruction in November 2021