The SAI Global Federation of Foundations (SGFF) brings together an international community of organisations which share the common goal of alleviating human suffering, promoting environmental responsibility and creating new opportunities for those in need. We are a non-religious, non-denominational, non-political group promoting harmony by serving humanity. SGFF transcends the barriers of gender, caste, creed, ethnicity, nationality and color.


Love All-Serve All is the guiding principle of SAI Global Federation of Foundations. Accordingly, the Foundation works together to meet the most pressing needs in the local areas as well as across global frontiers. Recognising that love for all creation is the unifying, guiding and driving force behind everything and believing that love is best expressed as service, when it arises from the source of a deep bond of a global family, rising above all differences, is the core value of the Foundation.

SGFF – A Bird’s eye view

An SGFF member organisation began by providing breakfast to 50 children at a school in the South Indian state of Karnataka in July 2012. As on date, this project has expanded to over 4800 centres, providing breakfast to over 400,000 children in India as well as five other countries every single morning. In the last seven years, 50 million breakfast meals have been served!

Another member took upon themselves the incredible task of building a pediatric cardiology hospital at one of the most underdeveloped and underserved rural areas in the State of Chhattisgarh in India, in November 2012, which today delivers lifesaving heart operations to children with congenital heart defects. A second such pediatric hospital for child heart care and research was opened near the country’s capital in the State of Haryana at Palwal in November 2016. A third hospital for child heart care and training in pediatric cardiac skills was opened in the State of Maharashtra in November 2018. This programme has successfully completed more than 10,000 pediatric heart surgeries and over 100,000 little hearts have been mended. Plans are already underway to construct a fourth hospital at Kolkata, in the State of West Bengal in India.

The Foundation’s interest in the field of education is termed as ‘Educare’. The education Trusts which are based in India have built architecturally beautiful campuses focused on both informative education as well as transformative education. Education is provided absolutely Free of Cost from Grade Six upto Research, and the educational edifices are built in inadequately developed rural areas. These Campuses are ranked at the highest level nationally and are a model for others. They are staffed with specially trained, caring and highly competent teachers. Spirituality is the basis of this unique system of values-based integral education, which breaks the shackles that limit the worthiness of true education. In the last seven years, 23 campuses have been established for providing the gift of education to 5,000 boys and girls.

The members’ organisations work together to create a synergy of coordinated service. For example, the breakfast programme mentioned previously, it was noticed that a child was suffering from physical difficulties due to certain health defects. The volunteers arranged for the child to be diagnosed by the doctors at the Pediatric Cardiac Hospital, who detected severe, but reversible, congenital heart disease. The child received the needed corrective surgery at the hospital itself at no cost.

SGFF also collaborates across borders with non-member groups such as Rotary International and MAP International, who have helped in the setting up of Cath Labs at the Pediatric Cardiac Hospitals in India and the provision of medicines for the hospitals in Nigeria and Fiji.

All programmes and services undertaken by SGFF member organisations are offered completely Free of Cost to the beneficiaries.

The Federation is composed mainly (but not solely) of those who have been inspired by the humanitarian and revered spiritual teacher, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His example and guidance have inspired mankind to apply spirituality into action by rendering loving service to all without any discrimination. All Foundations and Trusts under SGFF work independently, collectively and in collaboration by exerting efforts in a focussed and purposeful manner, creating significant impact, throughout the world.

In the words of our Leaders

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