Genzo Makino-min

Genzo Makino

Self-Employed Translator

Toshi Ando2019B-min

Toshi Ando

Employee at Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd.


Michiko Sato

Employee at BikoushaTanabe Paint Company


  • Training in human values for teachers is being conducted annually since the year 2016. Monthly follow-up sessions are held to discuss implementation and challenges
  • Mindful parenting course in the cities of Nagoya and Niigata are conducted every month
  • Providing nutritious food to around 200 to 300 homeless people in the cities of Yokohama and Nagoya on a monthly basis
  • Frequent visits to eldercare facilities in the cities of Sagamihara and Tokyo – Conducting service activities in the eldercare facilities of Sagamihara where approximately 20 to 30 elderly people stay. Mindful eldercare workshops and follow-up sessions are conducted for the staff who is involved in eldercare


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  • Divine Mother and Child Health programme is conducted in the cities of Tokyo and Nagano on a monthly basis
  • Researching on the current status of mother and child health care in Japan to understand their difficulties and challenges and counselling mothers whose children are suffering from cardiac illnesses in rural area
  • Conducting health screenings for the Nepalese community living in Japan
  • Periodical English classes are held to enable school-going children and adults communicate in English
  • Translating and publishing books on Sai Baba