Projects at Munich

  • Service activities are conducted in elder care homes on a regular basis
  • ‘Growing to be God’ programme to nurture the innate moral values in children, is conducted regularly
  • 50 meals are served every month to the homeless
  • Translating and publishing books on Sai Baba

Projects at Grafrath

  • Visits to elder care homes are regularly organised to provide monthly financial assistance for medication and rent
  • Support is extended to refugees from Somalia, Chechenia, and Afghanistan by providing basic necessaries, linguistic support, and education
  • Psychological support and mediation for dispute settlement is provided for the needy
  • Injured stray dogs and cats are treated and given to families who are interested in domesticating pets
  • 150 homeless children are provided meals twice a week. School breakfast programme is organised every day, by the volunteers in Grafrath, at one of the underprivileged areas in Munich
  • Growing to be God programme is conducted for children to nurture moral values.