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Genzo Makino

Self-Employed Translator

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Toshi Ando

Employee at Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd.


Michiko Sato

Employee at BikoushaTanabe Paint Company


  • Training in human values for teachers is being conducted annually since the year 2016. Monthly follow-up sessions are held to discuss implementation and challenges
  • Mindful parenting course in the cities of Nagoya and Niigata are conducted every month
  • Providing nutritious food to around 200 to 300 homeless people in the cities of Yokohama and Nagoya on a monthly basis
  • Frequent visits to eldercare facilities in the cities of Sagamihara and Tokyo – Conducting service activities in the eldercare facilities of Sagamihara where approximately 20 to 30 elderly people stay. Mindful eldercare workshops and follow-up sessions are conducted for the staff who is involved in eldercare




  • Human Excellence Academy of Japan was established in 2017 under the support and guidance of psychologists from Australia, Dr Ron Farmer and Mrs Suwanti Farmer
  • Training in human values for teachers is being conducted annually since the year 2016. Monthly follow-up sessions are held to discuss about various implementation and challenges
  • Courses on ‘Mindful Parenting’ including its follow-ups have been conducted in three cities, every month
  • Periodical English classes are held to enable school-going children and adults to communicate in English
  • Workshops on ‘Mindful Eldercare’ and its follow-up sessions are conducted for the staff who are involved in eldercare
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  • Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals Trust, Japan (a general non-for-profit incorporated association) was established in 2018 and ever since is been serving needy individuals by referring and getting them treated free of cost
  • Research is done to ascertain the current status of mother and child healthcare in Japan and to understand their difficulties and challenges. Counselling mothers whose children are suffering from cardiac illnesses in the rural areas
  • Little children are being treated under the programme of comprehensive care support for children requiring constant medical care and children with disabilities (both physical and neurodevelopmental or other mental health conditions). Professional licence-certified volunteers provide services such as supporting the daily and social life, educational support, consultation and respite care for mothers, approximately once or twice a week
  • Paediatric and maternal health care consultation support is provided
  • Deserving families are served under the programme of medical and administrative co-ordination support for infants or children and its family with foreign nationals either residing, visiting or born in Japan
  • Private ambulance transportation service programme – runs approximately twice a day based on the demands
  • Paediatric assistive equipment support project which co-ordinates, both fitting to the user and improvement and development of the equipment, including promoting it to be registered on the national welfare system has been involved in over 300 cases, through the volunteers with the certificate of assistive device specialist
  • A separate programme is carried out which promotes and supports mothers to plan a vegetarian diet, especially during their prenatal, postnatal and lactation period, including counselling and once a month of catering meals
  • Conducting health screenings for the Nepalese community living in Japan


  • Homemade food is distributed in the city of Yokohama every weekend
  • At Shinjuku city of Tokyo, food items are served on a fortnightly basis to the homeless
  • Once a month, the beach cleaning project at Niigata coast has been conducted since September 2020 which has collected nearly 1,000 bags of debris
  • Since 2017, monthly once, aromatic massages are provided to the residents of an elderly nursing home in Niigata wherein approximately 20-30 individuals are being served in a single session
  • Furthermore, a local temple at Niigata is been cleaned once a month since 2018
  • Disaster-relief programme – Since July 2020, serves the area stricken by disasters such as floods or nuclear power station accidents due to tsunamis, by sending food materials and other needed equipment
  • Frequent visits to elder care facilities in the cities of Sagamihara and Tokyo – Conducting service activities in the elder care facilities of Sagamihara sheltering over 20-30 elders
  • Translation and publication of spiritual literature
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